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Herb Frizzell
Pompano Beach, FL
Posted at Thursday, 19 February 2015 12:55
Europa totally mesmerized me!
Christine Silbery
New Zealand
Posted at Friday, 30 January 2015 05:06
This particular song I love, and to hear you play it on you Ukulele just made this tune magic, along with your band/back up musicians. Maybe one day you'll have a gig in NZ chur doi.

California/ Hawaii
Posted at Friday, 23 January 2015 03:59
Enjoy your music especially "O Holy Night" Hope you do more like that . Thought "Hiroshima" was very moving. Hope people see the video. Peace.Smile
Regina Dubeux
Brazil, State of Pernambuco.
Posted at Monday, 15 December 2014 02:12
Kris, you are really a great and amazing musician. a virtuous. I'm happy to hear your perfomance. Congratulations!
David Berry
Pahala Hawaii
Posted at Monday, 10 November 2014 21:27

Great seeing you again after about 4 and a half years the other night at the concert in Pahala. I saw you first in March 2010 at Waikaloa.
South Kona
Posted at Sunday, 09 November 2014 20:20
Kris, I had the privilege to see you and your mom perform at Pahala Plantation House. AWESOME!Thank you so much for sharing your art - technically brilliant, emotionally passionate.Biggrin
Jerry Lecy
Posted at Friday, 07 November 2014 20:13
Hi Kris. I remember you played for my group at the Waikoloa Marriot, and I am so pleased that your career is going well. You surely wow your audiences and I hope to see again someday. When you get back to the San Francisco area, please let me know. Regards to your family
Esley (Luke) Lucas & Wife, Dee
Citrus Heights, CA
Posted at Sunday, 19 October 2014 17:27
Looking forward to seeing you at the "Strum Shop"
Mauro Nirchio
Posted at Saturday, 27 September 2014 23:11
You are a great musician! Congratulations !!!
Bobby Eustaquio
Manila Philippines
Posted at Wednesday, 03 September 2014 13:28
We still talk about your fantastic chance performance under the stars, above the clouds on Mauna Kea years ago.
Now my kids this past June went up the summit and had to settle for your CD Untouchable. Thanks for the music. Unforgettable.
Posted at Sunday, 24 August 2014 05:52
Biggrin....you are truly gifted..I feel in love with your ukelele the moment I heard Europa but I love best is Can't Help Falling Inlove...In M'sia we had a local talent who played the ukelele by the name of P Ramlee...He was a great actor, musician, comedian, singer, producer & director...I hope you can do a cover version of his great songs...You keep up your gr8 talent...Bravo!!
Masako Suzuki
Posted at Tuesday, 19 August 2014 02:58
Aug 15 is the anniversary of the end of World War Ⅱ for Japan. Last year I listened your music "Hiroshima"for the first time and it made a deep impression on me. This year I listened to it again. Very beautiful but plaintive song.
Thank you.

Ladel O. Agbada
Philippines/Vallejo California USA
Posted at Tuesday, 19 August 2014 00:25
Hello my dear idol....I love your music....and now my family and friends are listening too..we're spreading your wonderful talent....love you
Fitzgerald J. Petit P.
Valencia - Venezuela
Posted at Monday, 18 August 2014 17:10
Smile Gratamente sorprendido al escuchar tu versión de "Europa", y ahora soy fan de tu música.

Te felicito, tocas excelentemente. Dios te Bendiga y te mantenga en el Top de la música.

Saludos desde Venezuela!!!
Annie Maramba
Oakland, CA
Posted at Thursday, 07 August 2014 14:31
BiggrinWow!. So inspiring. Thanks for your dedication and determination. I love sharing your site with my friends. Everyone wants to know your name!
Kristen H
Alameda, CA
Posted at Thursday, 07 August 2014 08:35
Cool, very cool.
Melissa Yee
Los Angles
Posted at Wednesday, 06 August 2014 19:17
We need some information for your California concerts. Please send the information so that we can attend the concert. Intereting I have family in Hilo, Kohala, Pahoa and my Uncle has a street named after him in Kona. Love to hear home vibes again
Miu Lan Paalua
Kohala, Hawaii
Posted at Wednesday, 06 August 2014 09:09
Love the talent you have for the ukulele.
Larry S
Seattle, WA
Posted at Sunday, 03 August 2014 19:09
Kris, You're a musical pioneer and making history with each performance. Can't get enough of this magical sound. Aloha!
Ontario, Canada
Posted at Wednesday, 30 July 2014 02:19
Just watch you play A Thousand Yesrs. On YouTube . I was,looking for instrumental ukulele ideas. Wow! I was blown awa by your amazingly sensitive playing, superb technique and musicality. I wish I could study with you I certainly would like to play that piece. Good luck and please keep sharing you are a fine musician indeed.


Posted at Wednesday, 23 July 2014 21:28
I have never heard any ukulele make the sound like when you're playing it Smile i really am enjoying it & hope to see more from you in the future Wink please make a tab for all of your work if it's not too much to ask Biggrin
Dawn Jackson
Upright, VA
Posted at Friday, 18 July 2014 16:55
You all are an awesome band! Great MUSIC!! THANKS GUYS!!! Keep them coming!!
Alejandra Marin Romero
Posted at Monday, 14 July 2014 20:32
oh!!! my god........que belleza de musica...gracias por existir para mis oidos....desde ahora tu seguidora.tremenda interpretacion..EUROPA!!!
Emily Needham
Posted at Saturday, 28 June 2014 08:07
Aloha Kris - I just got home from your Imiloa concert with Britini. I am in awe of you two and your talent and humility. Proud of such great talent here in our small town. Thanks for a great concert!
Tahiti French Polynesia
Posted at Monday, 23 June 2014 01:43
Smile - je suis ébahie
Je suis sous le charme
Mal Riches
Perth Western Australia
Posted at Friday, 20 June 2014 05:04
Biggrin Your music is something I have waited for,for a long time to arrive in my life ,It Has Emotion , Soul, feeling of Peace and Tranquillity. I Play Guitar myself but your use of the Ukulele and the sound and what you are able to play just astounds me . Thank You and may Peace be with you . Mal Riches
Dawn P.
Temecula CA
Posted at Saturday, 14 June 2014 18:45
Biggrin If my heart could beat any rhythm I could choose, it would beat your music. I feel this. Thanks
Tania Hoeta-Bevan
Sydney Australia
Posted at Tuesday, 10 June 2014 23:17
Tongue A friend tagged me with your clip with ur band playing Europa. I fell in love with it and sent it to all my friends on facebook. Thank u for such beautiful music. I loveeeeeee this clip and consider it the best music video of all time! THANK U. xxx
Posted at Tuesday, 10 June 2014 19:42
Very impresive, congrats!
Posted at Wednesday, 30 April 2014 18:12
Your talent is mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

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