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Kamaka Ukuleles E-mail

In March 2012, Kris was honored to be invited into the Kamaka Hawaii Ohana. Kris has always performed with only Kamaka Ukuleles and to now be part of their Ohana is a dream come true. Congratulations Kris! And thank you to Kamaka Hawaii for their kindness and support and making Kris a part of their family!

If you are interested in purchasing a beautiful high quality ukulele, you can't go wrong with Kamaka Ukuleles.  Visit www.kamakahawaii.com for more information.

Here, Kris and family visit the Kamaka Ukulele Factory in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. This picture was taken with Casey Kamaka on the right. What an honor!!!

Kris and Family with Casey Kamaka