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Breakwall (Hawaii Music Supply) E-mail
Story behind this original piece as explained by Kris: 
An original piece called, "Breakwall!"
When I was younger, my dad and I would always go fishing and spend countless hours by the ocean. You would think that two fisherman as dedicated as we were would be bringing in loads of fish but in all those years of fishing, we only caught 3 or 4 fish (lol).
This song reflects my memories about one trip in particular. We had this great idea to walk to the end of the Hilo break wall. Going out was fine but when we got out there, we didn't realize that we still had to walk back (haha). The total trek was about 4 miles of jumping from one rock to the next.(haha). 
I wrote this song for my dad and just wanted to thank him for always supporting me in all that I do. Whether it be in music or being a fisherman (lol), hes always been there! :)
Hope you enjoy!:)
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